Meet The Team

Lighthouse Nutritionists was founded by husband and wife duo Dr. Imelda Hill and nutritionist David Hill.  

With a fast mobile service, you can make appointments outside of business hours, if preferred, at no extra cost.

Read more about David and Imelda below.

David Hill - BSR, GradCertHSc, BEd

David is one of the most experienced and highly regarded nutritionists in New Zealand with extensive experience assisting individuals and presenting seminars. David is a weight loss specialist whose clients have achieved exceptional results. Take the time to read some of their success stories by clicking the 'In the media' tab. Every consultation is conducted personally by David in the convenience of your own home or preferred meeting place and his unbranded vehicle maintains your privacy. 

David studied health science, sport science, and education and was awarded the Bank of New Zealand, Vice Chancellors Committee, Undergraduate Scholarship. This distinction is presented annually to only one person, in their final year of study, from each university in New Zealand. 

Dr. Imelda Hill 

Imelda is a Middlemore Hospital based doctor and former general practitioner with Katika Family Medical Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Imelda's clinical advice is crucial as clients often want to lose weight to manage a medical condition. Common presentations include: High blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, diabetes, arthritis, depression/anxiety,  and low iron levels. These issues, and many others, can be controlled more effectively with lifestyle modifications. We look forward to assisting you in a caring and confidential manner.