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Lighthouse Nutritrionists

Mobile weight loss specialists

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Our program

Consultations are conducted in-person or online and include:

  • A non judgmental assessment of your current physical activity levels, and diet. 

  • Stabilisation of your diet and explanation of major nutrition topics essential to achieving a healthier weight.

  • A personalised, achievable physical activity program is given.

  • A personalised written meal plan is given and other healthy food options are explained. 

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Happy Clients!

Below are some of our client's testimonials

Excellent advice

I contacted David after reading an article in my local newspaper about one of David's clients who lost over 45kg as I was incredibly impressed with this. David visited my flat and gave me excellent advice about foods I should be eating and what I should not! We went through my cupboards together looking at what I should keep, what I should throw out and I could still eat, but in moderation. It was really great to have him in my own home to offer this kind of encouragement and support. I highly recommend Lighthouse Nutritionists to others!